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Curriculum Vitae
Mr. Wesley Manko is an exceptional educator whose self-defense experience began in 1973. In 1975 an altercation with a school bully led him to evaluate what works in real life and what does not. Since then he has studied a variety of sport and reality based martial arts including Police Defensive Tactics, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Fencing, Boxing, Shotokan Karate, Chin-Na, Tai Chi Chuan, Aiki-Jitsu of Ninkage Ryu, Chinese Kempo, Ryu Kyu Kempo- Kyusho-Jitsu, Combat Hapkido and Systema. Additionally, he has obtained degrees in Police Science, Criminal Justice and a Masters in Public Administration. Through his company DEFENSEWORKS he has taught elected officials, US Marines, Fortune 500 companies, victims of domestic abuse, Girl Scouts, college students and non-profit organizations. He has been certified to teach Systema “The System” a reality based self-defense utilized by certain units of the Russian Special Forces. He has been published locally and nationally as well as appeared on CBS, WTMJ, MPTV and FOX television networks as an expert on personal safety and self-defense and on various radio programs as well including Lake Effect 89.7.


Faculty Member2008-present

Mount Mary College
Teacher of Women's Self-Defense Classes


Create and conduct training programs on violence prevention. Teach credit classes at Marquette and UWM in 2000. Appear on television news programs to discuss violence prevention. In my position as President, I have achieved the following success:

How to Be Safe No Matter What published by Bronze Bow in 2005


2007 Exchange Magazine, Volume 37 No. 10 Prevention is Your Best (Self) Defense.
2005 Health Wise February, Using Intuition for Self-Defense.
2004 Vital Source, May, Surviving the Streets
2003 @LAW, fall, Volume 52 Issue 2, Preventing Violence
2003 Self-Defense for Women Magazine, Fall, Sexual Violence Statistics
2003 Black Belt Magazine, June, Humane Self-Defense; What to Do When the True Face of Rape Keeps You From Fighting Back with Deadly Force.
2000 Shepherd Express August 24th, Fitness for Safety’s Sake
2000 Shepherd Express February 24th, Shooting at Concealed Weapons Arguments
1996 City Edition January 4th, Dead at Work

2005 Citation from the Wisconsin State Assembly for conducting realistic self-defense training.

2005 Certificate of Training from the Glendale Police Department for successful completion of Workshop on Critical Incident Response.

2004 Certificate of Achievement for successful completion of Glendale Police Department Citizens’ Police Academy.

2004 Certificate of Achievement from Russian Martial Art for attending intensive summer training international camp. Course topics: Hand to Hand Combat, Weapons Disarming & Use, Outdoor Survival, Close Protection, Counter-Espionage, Rejuvenation, Conditioning and Teamwork based on the training of Russian Special Operations Units.

Master of Public AdministrationUniversity of Wisconsin – Kenosha, WI       1987

Honors and Activities:
Research Assistant to Dr. Anne Gurnack June through December 1986.
Attended Lafollette School of Government at UW Madison 1981-1982.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal JusticeEdgewood College, Madison, WI       1981

Honors and Activities:
Dean’s List in fall semester of 1980 with GPA of 3.78/4.00
Member of Edgewood College Debate Team
Writer for the Screed, the Edgewood College Newspaper
Instructor of Self-Defense for the Continuing Education Department
Author of The Women’s Guide To Practical Self-Defense book.

Associate Degree in Police ScienceGateway Technical College, Kenosha, WI       1978

Honors and Activities:
Assistant Instructor for Police Defensive Tactics
Assistant Instructor for Women’s Self-Defense through Continuing Education Department

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Mr. Todd Nilson, Employment Manager, SPR, Inc.
My coworkers and I were tremendously impressed with your semi-private lessons given at our workplace. Your ability to communicate self-defense concepts is truly phenomenal."

State Representative Marlin Schneider
This course should be part of every in service training for every teacher in Wisconsin."

Jan Koloen, Policy Analyst
More fun and useful information than any other self-defense I've ever taken."

Thomas Gualandi, Major, United States Marine Corps
As a Marine Corps Officer I was looking for something to complement our martial arts training, instead I have found a style that in many ways surpasses it! Even if you never expect to fight, I would still recommend Systema for focus and balance."

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s e n s e
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