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The following is a list of available workshops. These programs are designed for the average person as well as specialists. No previous martial arts experience is necessary.

Protecting Your Family from Violence
How would you like to have information to protect your family from violence at work, at home, in school and on the street? This dynamic and comprehensive speech outlines the many ways violence can threaten the family and what you can do to stop it.

How to Break Up Fights
What an ideal course for parents and teachers in today’s society. Learn ways of manipulating the human body without causing permanent injury.

Defense in Confined Space: Tactics for Preventing Workplace Violence
This is one of the best programs for anyone that works in an office. Participants learn to use their office as an obstacle to an attack.

How to Prevent Violence without Using Violence
This speech can fit almost any time slot. Do you know what criminals look for when selecting a victim? This is only one of the many issues that this speech addresses about ways to avoid crime and violence without having to use physical force.

Personal Protection for First Responders
Do you deal with people that may become violent? Then this workshop on manipulating, controlling and subduing individuals in a way to minimize or eliminate injury is for you. This is a program ideal for nurses, firefighters, correction officers and anyone dealing with potentially violent individuals.

New Anti Assault Program for Women
Non – violent and physical tactics that defend against acquaintances and strangers. Attendees learn both psychological and physical defensive strategies.

Parent & Daughter Safety
This is a practical seminar that Deals with issues of being safe while dating, attending school and dealing with strangers. Truly must do seminar for females 14 and older along with their parents.

Carjacking Prevention
Discover how to tell if you’re going to be a target of a carjacking. Learn defenses from inside a car and how to escape from a car.

Parent and Youth Safety
This seminar focuses on keeping the family safe whether at home or traveling. Special attention is paid to preventing child kidnapping.

Protecting Your Loved Ones
Whether in your home or in a car or in a park, those you care about may be subject to violent acts. Discover strategies that you and your loved ones can implement when danger strikes. This presentation is ideal for families and couples.

Systema Seminar with Vladimir Vasiliev
Vladimir Vasiliev is North Americas Russian Martial Art expert. A ten year veteran of the Russian Special Forces, his seminars garners devotees from across the world. . This seminar is sold out till April of 2006.

Pressure Point Seminar with Chris Thomas
Author of numerous books on pressure point self-defense Chris Thomas is an eloquent yet practical presenter whose seminars have been documented to save lives. His articles have appeared all over the globe. He has trained everyone from school teachers to US Marines.

Systema-Russian Martial Art
Discover why this self-defense system of the Russian Special Forces is becoming popular in America. Participants will learn easy ways to control the human body without much effort. Russian exercises for emotional and physical health will be utilized as well. This program is taught by Mr. Wesley Manko, the certified Russian Martial Art instructor for UWM and Marquette University. This class is taught regularly in Milwaukee.

Defenses against Guns and Knives
This is an informative introduction to the strategy of survival using physical and non-physical methodologies.

Escapes from Locks, Chokes, Grabs and Ground Attacks
This is an informative overview on how pressure points and balance points can be accessed and manipulated to escape potentially dangerous situations.

Developing Assault Prevention Skills
Learn what criminals look for, how fights begin and how to subdue someone who is bigger, stronger and faster than you. Practice intuition development exercises.

Campus Safety
How to be safe on and off campus makes this course mandatory for incoming freshman. Topics ranging from party precautions to escaping multiple attackers provide life saving information.

Developing Intuition for Personal Protection
The best way to protect yourself is not to be in a violent and life threatening situation. While everyone has the ability to use intuition it has become neglected as a viable tool in crime prevention. Easy and fun to do participant exercises, make this workshop enjoyable, popular and ideal for corporate environments.

For more information please phone
Wesley Manko at (414) 332-0599 or
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Mr. Todd Nilson, Employment Manager, SPR, Inc.
My coworkers and I were tremendously impressed with your semi-private lessons given at our workplace. Your ability to communicate self-defense concepts is truly phenomenal."

State Representative Marlin Schneider
This course should be part of every in service training for every teacher in Wisconsin."

Jan Koloen, Policy Analyst
More fun and useful information than any other self-defense I've ever taken."

Thomas Gualandi, Major, United States Marine Corps
As a Marine Corps Officer I was looking for something to complement our martial arts training, instead I have found a style that in many ways surpasses it! Even if you never expect to fight, I would still recommend Systema for focus and balance."

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