Here's What Some Of Our Satisfied Clients Have To Say...

"This course should be part of in-service training for every teacher in Wisconsin.  As a former teacher, I can say that these techniques would provide an increased measure of safety for all teachers."
State Representative Marlin Schneider

"My co-workers and I were tremendously impressed with your semi-private lessons given on-site at our work place. You have increased our confidence in our ability to defend ourselves in dangerous situations and we feel safer as a result. Your ability to communicate self-defense concepts and techniques in an easy-to-learn fashion is truly phenomenal. Clearly, it's easy to see why it does not take a long time to learn real self-defense. As a teacher, you listened to our concerns, gave us straight answers and allowed us to customize your program to fit our needs."
Todd Nilson
Employment Manager
SPR Inc.

"Your stuff works! ... When I got out of my truck, two masked men jumped out of a van that was parked two spaces away. One of them said, 'You're coming with us.' ... As he attempted to grab me, I pushed him off with a circular motion, then I yelled for help, loudly and continuously. They stopped and turned around when they heard my neighbors stirring and saying, 'Call the police.' I was ten steps away when I first saw the gun. They looked at each other, got in the van and sped away. I may be here today because of your seminar and the grace of God."
Seminar Participant

"These simple techniques can save you from a traumatic, and maybe even life threatening, situation. Well worth my time."
Leanne Obodal
Alverno College

"Your presentation was very informative, insightful and very well received by our members."
Steve Sobiek
Executive Director
Independent Business Association of Wisconsin

"True to your style, your entertaining talk provided memorable strategies that are a valuable asset to attendee's private and professional lives. We sincerely appreciated your time and effort to share your expertise with our members. Comments left on the tables confirmed your presentation was an overwhelming success."
Sandra M. Raasch
Network Association for Professional Saleswomen

"Our members thoroughly enjoyed your presentation! It was wonderful to pick up some great tips on how we can protect ourselves without a lot of training.  The pressure point self-defense is absolutely fascinating! I'm sure that we will all keep these things in our minds while we are out and about, especially when we are alone."
Tami Michalak, PLS
Greater Milwaukee Association of Legal Professionals

"This information could save your life."
Peter Hanson
Legislative Aide

"I would recommend this to anyone.  I can learn great self-defense techniques in 2 hours, not years at costly schools."
Cynthia Kieper
3rd Year Law Student and Legislative Assistant

"More fun and useful information than any other self-defense class I've ever taken.  Give the demonstrator a big raise!  He was great and the instructor, obviously a master of his art."
Jan Koloen
Policy Analyst

"This was very helpful."
Jennifer Gapinski, CPA

"Very important and helpful information.  I plan on showing my children these techniques."
Tuleka Valdez
Administrative Assistant

"Entertaining and very informative."
Steve Tappan
Bank Vice President

"This was an excellent seminar.  I enjoyed it immensely."
Patricia Cramer
Computer Reconciler

"Very interesting and useful seminar.  Helped me to build self confidence!"
Paul Merline
Legislative Aide

"I learned things that I feel will help me if I encounter certain situations, situations that might have had me draw a blank before the class."
Laura Weitzman
Program Assistant 2

"I was very impressed because the class was appropriate for our level.  They went around making sure that moves were done correctly.  It was entertaining."
Corey Dolezalek
Legislative Assistant

"The program taught me some common sense moves that could potentially help me take control of a situation during an unwanted physical confrontation."
Rex Loehe
Legislative Aide


Mr. Todd Nilson, Employment Manager, SPR, Inc.
My coworkers and I were tremendously impressed with your semi-private lessons given at our workplace. Your ability to communicate self-defense concepts is truly phenomenal."

State Representative Marlin Schneider
This course should be part of every in service training for every teacher in Wisconsin."

Jan Koloen, Policy Analyst
More fun and useful information than any other self-defense I've ever taken."

Thomas Gualandi, Major, United States Marine Corps
As a Marine Corps Officer I was looking for something to complement our martial arts training, instead I have found a style that in many ways surpasses it! Even if you never expect to fight, I would still recommend Systema for focus and balance."

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